Nadine Gordimer

06 Nov



South African novelist and short-story writer



November 20, 1923

Place of Birth

Springs, Transvaal, South Africa

Known for

Examining the many sides of racism and its effects on individuals and society


Winning the 1991 Nobel Prize in literature


1949 Published her first book, Face to Face, a collection of short stories


1953 Published her first novel, The Lying Days, which recounts a girl’s struggle with her provincial upbringing in a racist society


1960s-1970s Taught at several universities in the United States


1974 Published The Conservationist, which was a joint winner of the 1974 Booker Prize


1979 Published Burger’s Daughter, which was banned in South Africa for a time after its release


1981 Published July’s People, the story of a black servant who helps his white employers escape an uprising


1990 Published My Son’s Story

Did You Know

Gordimer’s first story, ‘Come Again Tomorrow,’ was published in the Johannesburg magazine Forum when she was 15 years old.


As a child, Gordimer wanted to be a dancer.


In addition to novels, Gordimer wrote several works of nonfiction and made several television documentaries.


Popular Quotes by Nadine Gordimer


Very often we support change, and then are swept away by the change. I think that…you just make your own response to your own generation. A response adequate to your time.

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