The Season of Good Cheer !

06 Nov

It’s the season of good cheer coming in once again, it’s christmas season. I just wondered what gift will make my readers smile and what gift will make me smile and I just penned down a few lines (something I hope you’ll find poetic enough).

It’s uneditted though.

From these lines, can you guess what I hoped will make my audience smile and what gift I will appreciate most this christmas. Then check if you were correct at the bottom of the page.


The children want to sing.

The birds love to chirp.

Parents are poring over lists and things

 what to buy and what not to.

In Nigeria, the prices are rising. (I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, I haven’t travelled much).

The leaves are dropping of the trees in the cold months of November and December.

Winds howling like ravenous wolves.

It slowly reminds me of the bloodshed the country has witnessed.

The season of cheer now comes with fear.

Leaves every one of us with scares

Which church will go up in flames with the fireworks this year.

But nevertheless,

I’ll dare to say that the Christmas season in my country dear

will remain always

A Season of Cheer.

And we’ll be here through all the tears.

I hope my readers will enjoy the season doing what they love best.

I’ll appreciate a return ticket to somewhere outside Nigeria.

However, in the spirit of the season, I’ve changed my blog’s theme and it remains like this till January.


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