Doctor’s Despondency: The 9th Chapter

09 Nov

Also, I’m sharing a paragraph from the 9th chapter of my first novel (on shelves, in January hopefully), called Doctor’s Despondency. Just a teaser, wait for the real deal.


Dear Scientist,

I wonder how it was hard for you to figure it out that I will have no choice than to kidnap your family and have them silently killed one by one till I get those papers. My political opponents are all after me and very soon some snoopy journalist will want my company to substantiate my claims. I now also have the addresses of all who worked for you on that research. Just keep hiding.

The man had carefully chosen his words in the letter and he had not used his publicly recognized e-mail address.  He knew his family would be kidnapped but he didn’t know when. He was lost in his thoughts and didn’t know how to tell his wife to leave with the kids immediately; they were probably being watched now. His thoughts tormented him and told him he was a bad father and he shouldn’t have left home in the first place.  He wondered at the callousness of the former minister of health and presidential candidate whom everybody was giving their trust to and to consider that he had not even told Gbolabo of the possibility of a genetic breakdown for users of this compound in his research thereby making it rather unsafe  for indiscriminate administration on patients and also making it a possible weapon that could be used to alter an enemy’s genetic mix thereby sending generations into a living hell on earth before they were born. He still became surer that he wouldn’t be handing over the results of his research and wouldn’t publicize it until there was a specific way of knowing the right dosage to be administered to each patient. He looked up absently at the time on the digital wall clock.

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