09 Nov

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A Cheering Testimony

I just heard this very early today from a friend and it moved my heart.

There’s this neighbour of ours, a friend whose father was a staff in a big Nigerian bank. They had money but rarely feared God.
One day, the man was sick and his wife was with him in Katsina (a state in Northern Nigeria) where the doctors had just handed off his case and described it as hopeless. His wife called my Dad and told him that her husband was going to die and nothing could stop it. She just wanted my family to take care of their kids before she returned from Katsina (probably with their dead fathers body).
The kids were really small. Little Children.
Then my father called them and told them their dad was sick and was going to die. He asked them if they wanted to be fatherless and they said No, as expected. Then he asked them to kneel down and pray to God for their father. They knelt down and started praying so much, they were crying. I was so touched by the sight that I also started crying.
Then the next day, their mother called to say that the man had recovered quickly and so the man is still alive till today.

My focus is not on the prayers but on the people who prayed it. I know their is a portion of the bible that says ”the angels of these little ones behold the face of God continually”. Put your child before God, pray for children, care for children, be kind to them, help them with what you know will guarantee a great future for them. You may as well be saving your self. Even the powerful cherubims before the throne of God cannot look into God’s face.

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