One Day, One Night

09 Nov

I just decided to share excerpts from ‘My soon to be published poetry book’ titled Anthologia, Enjoy!

One day

The wool-white sky spoke to the black earth

He said, you’d have been cool clear and a cheer to behold

If only you were white, wool white like me

I’m such a grace for every face

That I am, in every place

Ho, I wish that thou wert white snow white like me

I’m like Christmas all through the year.

Giving smiles to every child, never black as bile could be.

Then, one day

The sky, he said

I am just the wool white sky, giving the rays of sunlight to all

Simply when my cheeks I stretch.

With it I give life to all things.

Oh, I wish that thou black earth, could know the joys of being so white.

And, one day

The sky, the wool-white sky,

He looked down on the black earth and said

It’s such authority that puts the rain all in my eyes

To drop on thou earth just as I please

And when thou arth drenched and dripping wet

I, with the sun, the golden sun right on my cheek

Dost make thee dry and if I please that thou be dried till thou arth scorched,

I send my breath down with its rays

Till thou be barren like the desert.

Thou arth cursed to beso black, filled with filth and all things guilt

But I, the wool white sky arth blessed with all things good

And whilst I’m dressed with the coloured rain on my bow,

Thou arth doomed to be trod, looted and plundered

And such he spoke all through that day.

Till the sun, the glorious sun dropped all the way into the earth.

And when the night had come

The face of the sky, it grew so black.

Then the earth, the black earth, she said

Why is it that thou arth black, just like me or so I think

You know it’s true without the earth; the sky would fall with all its pomp.

And with all you say, still I see the beauty in me.

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