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How to Conceive Twins Naturally

In my last post, I spoke about My American Friend and I mentioned another story about another American friend I knew some years ago. Well, here is it and here is the information that reminded me of him. I showed him how to have twin babies. Just stick with me through this long post.

Twin Babies: Image from

Many couples dream of having twins! But, is it possible to conceive twins by following a particular regime? Are
there any natural ways to go about it without indulging in medications or drugs? This is what my other friend wanted to know from me. We met in Kano, northern Nigeria during a workshop by The Nigerian Red Cross. I’m a member of the Red Cross and I wear a badge about it almost as I will wear my wedding ring. This American heard during the introductions that I’m from South-Western Nigeria, a Yoruba boy that belongs to the group of people who have the highest number of twin conceptions on the planet. He wanted to have twins and he wanted to learn the secrets to that from the Master himself…. Moi….and he told me Americans don’t take ”No” for an answer. Well, I gave him the answers I had but not without some trouble. Our conversation went something like this:

Actually, Mr Fisk, there’s only one pair of twins among my living extended family…..

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about son, you guys have something you’re not telling us.

(Looking Lost) That means we don’t have much and I can’t claim to be an authority about….

No… Tobi, that’s a lot. I don’t even have a pair in my lineage.I could break that jinx y’know. My wife loves them in twos and threes.

(Trying to change the topic). Oh, have you had lunch?

I heard you guys have some special food you take that increases fertility and some deities of fertility you……

Sir, I’m a Christian and so are my parents but do you really mind meeting a fertility goddess for this?

It’ll make my wife happy and me….well, it’s the least I could take home from here.

(Up till that moment I’d really found it difficult to picture Americans as people who’ll go all the way to please their wives, where do the divorce statistics come from?) I need an answer in the comments box.

I didn’t want him to lose his Christianity(being a Christian myself) in the quest for twins and pleasing his wife so I tell him our secrets. Here’s what I told him we eat: Lots of pepper(including Alligator pepper), Amala (I told him to check the method of preparation on the internet). If I had told him how difficult it is or how it looks, I’ll have had to do one for him. That’s all I know we eat and many others don’t.

To my surprise, he was very pleased to hear that. If I had known it was that simple, why did I try to dodge in the first place. I could have said anything. He told me about the statistics. Yoruba births are almost mainly multiple births. I knew we had plenty but I didn’t know the rest of the world had so little.

Well, something in my formula seemed to work because almost 2 years later, Mr Fisk has gotten his twins. He was overjoyed. I only hope he can forgive me when he sees this post.

Now I saw this on  the internet today and it may have some truth in it, if you really want to have your twins.

It comes to me that you are wanting to have twins, is it? Or perhaps you and your partner fascinate to be called proud parents of twins?! Well, whatever the reason might be, conceiving twins needs you to follow some dos and don’t’s which could prove to be useful and the perfect solution to your anxiety. Owning twins is an altogether different experience for the parents as well as the family! And it is fun most of the time!

However, to get into the phase, you first need to understand that the methods and tips described below are a result of extensive research and statistics and might not always be foolproof. Although, many couples keep wondering, how to get pregnant with twins or how to increase your chances of having twins or how to conceive twins naturally? Let us find out taking into consideration the following aspects.

Getting pregnant with twins, either girl-girl, girl-boy, boy-boy, is said to work out using some natural ways given below. I mean, there isn’t any risk involved here and hence no harm trying these tips to get pregnant with twins.

First of all, you as well as your partner need to be prepared for pregnancy and childbirth, of course. Raising twins can be a difficult job so thorough mental preparation is required from both especially the woman. Also, you as a woman, should be able to carry the twins and thus physical fitness is mandatory. Generally, it has been observed, healthier and taller females tend to give birth to twins often in comparison to others.

Timing the Act:
If you may not be aware, ovulation plays a very crucial role in trying to conceive twins. It is very important to know the ovulation dates properly so as to plan the intercourse accordingly. Also, several intimate positions are said to affect the chances of having twins so make sure, both of you indulge and experiment with them. (The writer didn’t mention the positions so I’m also at a loss).

Managing the Diet:
Diet is perhaps one of the most popular and effective natural ways to conceive twins and also the most appropriate answer to how to have twins? Consuming a well-balanced diet sufficient for you as well as your baby (babies here!) is advisable. Plus, make sure you eat a lot of dairy products like milk, yogurt and buttermilk.

Statistics prove that dairy products help multiple egg production by the ovaries ultimately increasing the chances of twins’ birth. Likewise, consuming wild yams has been associated with the same and hence introducing cassava root becomes compulsory. Also, folic acid rich foods like leafy vegetables, cereals,
grains, legumes, beans and the folic acid supplements help a great deal in conceiving twins naturally so increase your folic acid intake too. (I understand the science behind Folic acid intake and dairy foods intake but yams (well, a trial isn’t harmful, Amala is actually made from wild yams and we do eat them a lot here). I’ve also heard about eating okra seeds which is peculiar to a particular Yoruba village  whose Twin conception rate is the highest in the world-almost 75%.

Heredity & Genetics:

Science has proven time and again that a woman is likely to give birth to twins if her parents and grand as
well as great grandparents have had twins. This actually relates to the family genes wherein the hereditary factor coding for twins’ birth is transferred from one generation to another. Sounds interesting, ain’t it?

Some of the best ways to conceive twins naturally are by following the above simple ideas. how to conceive
twins naturally or how to have twins naturally is something in God’s hand, however, you can easily
increase your chances. Even if you are not successful, a single baby would bring equal amount of joy and
happiness in your life.

Well, you have it  all. You can increase your chances with the giver of twins. It’s a thankless job for me to share this but if it works feel free to tell me. If it doesn’t let’s still be friends.


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Profound Piece of poetry.

Dennis Cardiff




see through my eyes,
fathom my fears,
walk in my footsteps,
taste of my tears.

in brotherhood
I beseech you,
please, take my hand —
I’ll guide you through

back streets of strife.
bloody fields of war
can be a rebirth —
we deserve much more.

open your heart
to the poor at your feet.
allow in the blessings —
may make you complete.

we all are the same,
happiness we seek —
end this suffering,
empower the weak.

we ask not a gift,
but to share what we have,
as brothers and sisters —
to our souls a salve.


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My American Friend and the Organic Fruits of our Loom

Some weeks ago, I met this lady in Zaria, Kaduna State of northern Nigeria. At first glance, I knew she wasn’t African but I was shocked to learn that she is an American. Seeing an American in Northern Nigeria in the last few years is almost like catching a crab in the desert. Nearly impossible with all the fear of bombing and kidnapping.

I don’t blame them, though.

After the intimating and petty introductions, we get to talking about books and writing. She shows me a couple of Nigerian books she’s gotten. I noticed most of them talked about politics. Then she showed me her American books and I noticed most talked about food. That’s how I knew she newly arrived in Nigeria and will be leaving soon. They never stay-only the Lebanese and Chinese do.

The discussion shifted to food. I have no idea why Americans talk a lot about food. I only know that the part of the body that the English man calls mouth is called a ”Pie Hole” in Americanese. Well, keeping a blog educates me a bit. I simply tell her I prefer fruits to many other foods. She didn’t like that. She wanted to meet a ”Real Nigerian” that eats lots of chilli. I assure her that I also do that.

”A yoruba man that doesn’t eat pepper is weak”.

Then she tells me about our good organic fruits that she’s tasted in the last 2 weeks. I’m a graduate student and I didn’t even know our fruits where different from American fruits. Like we have organic oranges and they have inorganic oranges….something like that. As a Naija boy, you don’t easily show what you don’t know. I listen to her VERY WELL as she explains the processing and genetic ”mutilation” (sounds like circumcision, right?) the fruits undergo to become tastier and seedless.

Then I remember that I’ve actually heard of stuff like that when I used to visit a pharmacologist in LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital). He was working on making such fruits. This is something they are already eating in America, and they’re obviously tired of it. I just hope they won’t get tired of accepting the LGBT things too.

Anyway, I learnt the benefits of our organic fruits which many of my friends don’t like because of the number of minutes it takes to remove the seeds. She is staying in Abuja for a few days before returning but she tells me the most important part of her feeding experience is the good fruits she has eaten in Zaria, you should taste the water-melon here.

It made me wonder how many good things Nigeria has but doesn’t appreciate and how much Northern Nigeria loses to the constant fighting and killings. We probably even lose the opportunity to have people who will appreciate something about us.

Anyway, there’s another spin-off story of my meeting with another American in Nigeria some years ago and I’ll love to share that one. Just remembered it now because of something I encountered on the net some hours ago.

RIP….The Fourty Two Angelic little children of Federal Government College, Yobe State murdered in their hostels by He Who cannot be Named.


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Desolate Mother and The Perfect Child (Clay Whispers of Love)

I decided to share this paragraph from my soon-to-be published novel, Clay Whispers of Love.

Image copyright:

I had a dream and I saw Nana Ndika, from the house where we lived before, coming out of their apartment in one of those rare days she ever did due to her mental (illness) state. She was weeping and crying with tears.
She had lost all, her husband, children, love, hope and sanity. She came to the front of our house holding a lot of money, probably all she had left of life and a deck of playing cards that wasn’t even
complete. It was probably the only good memory she had left. The memoryof those days when she played it with Mona and her other kids while her husband watched contentedly at the family she gave him.
She cried and gestured at my father and the other people in front of the house then she threw up all the money and cards.

There was a slight hesitation from passers by but after a few minutes, it was gone.
In a rush, people went for her money which lay scattered on the floor with the woman herself sitting in the midst of it but wanting none of it. All the muscles of my body moved, especially when I saw the 500 naira note was closest to me but I didn’t make a move to pick it. The woman was making a statement, despite all her woes, she was still being hounded and plundered without mercy. The only other person in that crowd that never picked a naira note was my dad.

He simply stood, looking gravely at the woman on the floor. When everyone had cleared the money and it remained the scattered cards. He bent down and picked the cards, every single one of them. Then he called me and while the woman watched, he gave me the cards and asked me to keep them safely and never lose any one of them. He put them in my breast pocket.
Nana Ndika watched me as I returned to my place, she looked awestruck. A few of the cards fell from my pocket into the gutter but I bent down and picked them and cleaned them with my shirt and replaced them in my pocket. She was awe struck and when she looked up into my dad’s face, she was crying, this time silently.

Even in her mental state, she recognized true love. She knew what it meant for my dad to have entrusted me with her cards, for I was my dad’s first son, the most trusted and competent son on the street, the one with the Medical degree completed in Johns Hopkins. I was the perfect child whom every one wanted to have in their memory. I woke up from my dream and that was when I decided to return to Nigeria.
I have gotten my American degree but it can do the most healing in Nigeria.


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My True Love and its Evils

This story reminds me of the first lady I remember having a crush on. Her name was Funke (pronounced as foo:n-kE) and we met at an examination venue. That meant little time to talk ‘the fairy tales’ but somehow the love fairy (Is that Oberon from Shakespeare’s or someone else?) seemed to sprinkle the love juices on her eyelids too. We got close and later it just somehow…..

Oh my! Read the story first, it’s not about me but my audience….you.

Strange as Love


Love is sometimes strange. It can build someone as well as destroy someone.
Just like many stories, it started the first time he saw her; just like in a fairy tale he was frozen, could not understand what was happening to him. It took him some days to realize actually he was in love with that girl and decided to propose to her. But via one of his friends he got to know that the girl was already with someone. Broken, he was unable to forget that girl…years passed but still that girl was on his mind…he already lost his heart with that girl…..but what destiny plans no one yet has been able to understand…. He got on facebook and one day, a conversation starts with a girl… They exchange a few words and in the conversation he got to tell her his story, how he lost his love before he could get a chance……but as fate would have it, he was actually narrating his story to the girl herself……the girl eventually tells him she’s never had any boyfriend…..excited, he promised that he will prove his love for her and everyday show her how much he loves her….but like in every love story; if there is no hardship, nothing is gained…… that girl had no mobile….the only way to get contact with her was the online chat….so the guy waits for her to come online everyday to talk with her…. Finally, she says yes to him….the guy says that he’ll always keep her happy ….but every time the girl breaks up with him yet they patch it up….

And like this it went on….

Once they were together and her birthday was near, the guy wished to invite all their friends, book a restaurant and surprise the girl. He bought a ring and decided to make her his…. It was the day he was waiting for….. ring in pocket…bought a cake and champagne and left it in the restaurant…..bought a bouquet…..everyone was present and was waiting for her to come….. From afar she finally came into sight and was coming towards him but while she came closer, he felt as if someone smashed his heart…..but with courage in his heart and determination to make her happy they converged at the restaurant where a table was already booked…. The girl just says we need to talk….the tears he was holding back just dropped …….and he could not say anything as the waitress was coming with the cake…. they sang happy birthday for her and she cut the cake………..all her friends along with their boyfriends were there and she announced to the entire group and says we need to break this up….my family is against it and with that she leaves him….all her friends tried to change her decision but she was determined to leave him………I know you wanted a happy ending but, hey….

It’s just how true love is compensated.

While the girl says true love does not exist…..he’s still trying to get over it and make his life with someone else but still he could not forget her as love like this happens only once…… the rest is just life.

A quote from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s last novel, Americanah, suffices “Man, we never marry the one we truly love; we all marry the one who is available when we’re ready”.

Back to me, her name wasn’t Funke.

What did you expect? We’re still friends on facebook and she’ll probably see this.

Heck, now, do you still believe that? Or anything anyone says after such an experience as this.

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Partly copied from ‘Sensing taste of fruits and vegetables using near infrared (NIR) Technology’. M.Sc. Thesis by Nawaf Abu-Khalaf


Bite That Fruityy

Tito is a lover of fruits. I really do love my fruits. Back in the university, I recall my closest friend TKB Charles often called me a monkey because of how much I ate bananas, while serving in the youth corps, another friend exclaimed on the number of garden eggs I eat, now my closest pal and colleague as a graduate student calls me ‘the cucumber monger’. You need to see me in my elements. Fruits are good but many times you buy something that looks good but eventually find it’s no good. Your plight may be over.

At present time, the consumption, marketing and grading of fruits are based on their external aspects. Fruits are stored and marketed visually, manually or automaticallyon the basis of size, color and surface defects. However, internal attributes like dry matter content, total soluble solids contents (refractive index), juice acidity, firmness, etc., are important. Most instrumental techniques to measure these properties are destructive, and involve a considerable amount of manual work.

In recent years, research has been focused on the development of non-destructive measurement techniques for quality attributes of fruits (mainly: apples) and vegetables such as pH, sugar content and firmness. NIR spectroscopy is one of such techniques. The advantages and major disadvantages of this technique are:

􀂉 Advantages:

􀂃 Its fast execution;

􀂃 More than one parameter may be estimated at the same time (by using

multivariate data analysis technique);

􀂃 Simplified sample preparation;

􀂃 Ease of implementation in process control and grading system; and

􀂃 Lack of chemical pollution.


􀂉 Major disadvantages:

􀂃 NIR spectrum is not easy to interpret, since most models are black box


􀂃 The equipment is expensive; and

􀂃 New calibration curve is needed for each variety to obtain good results.


Despite these disadvantages, NIR spectroscopy is the most appropriate technique in terms of speed of assessment and cost at the present time.

In Japan, there are a number of NIR systems in commercial operation for the on-line grading of fruit according to sweetness. There were many contributions using NIR spectroscopy in the field of non-destructive quality assessing like pH, sugar content, firmness, texture parameters, optimal picking date, light penetration of NIR in fruit and bruises.

Taste is also an important internal quality parameter of agricultural commodities, an issue not often discussed in literature. Fruit’s taste is the major asset of fruit quality. The feasibility of using NIR spectroscopy for detecting taste of fruits, based on known NIR ability to predict SSC, acidity and chemicals components.

A non-destructive NIR technique (reflectance mode) for sensing taste of fruits and vegetables may be greatly appreciated among package storage houses, and great store markets for grading fruits according to their taste quality. Since, in practice, apples (for example) are sold in batch and the internal quality of the whole batch is estimated by the average of the lab values of sample sub set. With this method (NIR technology), all apples could be controlled and the consumers will know the taste of what they’re buying.

Fruit Blend. Image from

How Tasty does that sound? Anyway, you should try this for taste: a blend of apples, oranges (remove the seeds, please) and bananas.

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Black or Yellow: Naija Things

Just for your laughs again. Appreciate Naija Boys and our stunting.

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