The First Gay

06 Mar

Who’s ever heard this line of rhyme in traditional poetry?

But the child that is born on the Sabbath is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

Well, if you haven’t, just check it on my previous post, Destiny’s Child, Are We?

That was the first time I came across the word, gay. Obviously, time has elapsed and things have changed and I will really not want to refer to myself as gay except I truly am and even if I am truly gay now, I will still not say it loud being a Nigerian residing in Nigeria.

I think I may have confused you a bit but that’s what happens when we use the word “Aladdin” to describe both positive and negative, right?

If you haven’t gotten the gist here, then let me just come as classical as I can be.

There was a time when the word “gay” meant being happy or excited or brightly coloured and it was a verb. Its noun form was gaiety. You can check a 1998 dictionary for confirmation. In the 2005 edition of the same dictionary, this meaning of gay will probably be listed as old-fashioned. A man named Arrimeh Debwan-yir, whom I met on facebook some days ago recounted his experience publishing a poem in which he used the word gay severally and just like you probably did earlier, someone mistook his poem for something else and he received an insult for apparently what turned out to be beautiful poetry.

Then I pondered, words do come and go but what’s with this “new gay” issue that gets everybody so riled up at the slightest mention of it.

Well, there’s a certain level of agitation and imagination that forms in a man’s mind when he is doing something wrong. It’s what puts him instantly on a defensive stance when he is accosted or he feels he will be accosted. For instance, the United States has ruled that homosexuality is a natural inclination and it should be allowed in the American society and churches and nobody disputes their national laws with them but why does the United States feel threatened to the extent of threatening nations with an international sanction whenever an African nation claims it’s alien to their own belief in the same God and they will not condone such union in their churches. I guess it’s an innate feeling on the part of the US that very soon, a lot of people will realise that, Jesus Christ wasn’t born of a homosexual union and neither was any of the prophets and fore-runners of any world religion born through such and then the world will see the US as a desperate nation who will promote the “wrongest” evil in its course of delivering “freedom” to all.

It’s the same with humans, a man is poor and that’s is excuse for becoming a thief, he sees another poor man who takes his poverty as a reason to be pious and he suddenly starts feeling threatened by the man’s piety.

I therefore tell myself that being gay is different from being a homosexual but will other people know this fact, I guess not.

Is it right to be a homosexual then, well, I think not.

Who then was gay first? Sunday’s child may be. Adam wasn’t even born on the Sabbath, right? 

Who then was the first homosexual? I really don’t know his name but I know that all the major religions of the world claim he was destroyed for being a homosexual.

That’s all I know about the first gay and the first homosexual.

PS: My first novel will be published on 14th March, 2014 and I will appreciate it greatly if you’ll be one of my first readers. I promise it’ll be sold at a relatively low cost and I’ll put up the links as soon as it’s available for sale.


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5 responses to “The First Gay

  1. storiesofourboys

    13/03/2014 at 12:33 am

    Now Tito, that is an oooold old English poem, written and recited back when gay meant happy. There are tons of old nursery rhymes with gay meaning “light-hearted” or happy.
    But yes, there have been homosexuals around for a very, very long time.


    • Tito Tobi

      13/03/2014 at 1:07 am

      It’s just that I got used to using the word gay for happiness but now you have to let people know you’re talking about ‘the first gay’. About the homosexuals, yes, it’s really not a new part of human existence…but I think this is the first time it’s being widely accepted as being normal, even in many religious circles.


      • storiesofourboys

        13/03/2014 at 1:13 am

        O, absolutely, you are right…..well….I mean there were a few societies that popped up where it was accepted as normal, but they didn’t last, so as broadly as now, yes, you are right.


  2. livelytwist

    07/03/2014 at 12:08 pm

    @novel, all the best! 🙂



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