Blogging Makes you Happy

12 Mar

In the last few weeks, I’ve decided to spend time to REALLY read people’s blog posts and also put up posts that I think are worth reading. When I started this blogging thing, I just posted stories because I felt like it and because I had been writing for a good number of years without an audience.

Now, blogging is not a common practice in Nigeria. Writing and reading is generally not something most Nigerians understand. I noticed that up to 70%+ of the page views I get comes from the United States and most of the Nigerians that visit my blog are not resident in Nigeria. Well, I really won’t try to explain why this is but if you have an explanation, please do comment, I need your comments too.

All I want to say with this post is that there is an almost general consensus among bloggers that blogging makes you happy.

Isn’t there need to find a little happiness with someone you don’t know physically? I may be the only one who has noticed that “bloggers don’t argue in the comments section” like we often experience on facebook. That means nobody comments with the aim of imposing their views on another person. Writing and creativity are naturally ways through which you give your intellect an expression and it lightens your mind but a wave of feedback from people you haven’t met has its way of warming your heart. It may not necessarily have a monetary gain. Many of my peers assume I gain something monetarily but sometimes and many times writing and sharing my thoughts on this blog just makes me happy and reading other people’s writings makes me happier but if you want to read my writings and put some money in my pocket too just click here, I’ll appreciate it. I’ve even gotten hooked onto some people’s blogs recently and I’ll share 7 blogs I consider worth reading for the inspiration, wit and fun they share. I’m getting addicted to them.

  5. (you’re probably shocked I follow women’s fashion, well, the girl does know what she’s blogging about and please check her age)

PS: My first novel will be published on 14th March, 2014 and I will appreciate it greatly if you’ll be one of my first readers. I promise it’ll be sold at a relatively low cost and it’s already available for you to place your order here.


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4 responses to “Blogging Makes you Happy

  1. christinachase

    18/03/2014 at 12:43 am

    I’ve been wanting to thank you so much for, not only following my blog, but also sharing it on yours. I find you well worth visiting here on WordPress. Though I still feel new to the blogging world (and a little overwhelmed sometimes, with everything out there to read) I can definitely say that writing has always made me happy. And when I’m happy I write. It goes together! But also when I’m sad or angry, I write and better understand my longing or my grief. Writing frees me from the limitations of my physical life, allows my heart and mind to sing. Sharing what I write now, publicly, is scary sometimes, but just feels right. Maybe like sending one’s children out into the world….
    I will gladly be checking out your book – best of luck with it. Oh, and thank you for introducing me to Lively Twist – she’s great!


    • Tito Tobi

      18/03/2014 at 10:34 am

      Aww. I’m happy with your reply 🙂 and I love the analogy of writing compared with children. It’s exactly how I also feel with my writings. Thanks for checking out my book too. It’s my pleasure to have introduced you to Lively Twist. I also really enjoy her writings. 🙂


  2. livelytwist

    15/03/2014 at 7:06 pm

    Tobi, I’m honoured that you nominated my blog. Thanks man!

    Does blogging make me happy? Yes, but not always Pharell Williams happy 🙂 Blogging is work for me. It means that this Saturday evening, while others are going to the cinema, I am taking a break from working over two hours on my next post, by reading other blogs. But it is work that I enjoy, certainly not a chore.

    I think more Nigerians read entertainment blogs. But it’s the same way worldwide. Other kinds of blogs are not as popular, but I don’t bemoan the fact. It’s up to us to market our blogs. Writing great content is one thing. Getting it out there is another.


    • Tito Tobi

      15/03/2014 at 7:35 pm

      LoL @Pharell Williams happy….I’ve really been enjoying your writings.
      Thanks for the explanation about the little number of Nigerian readers on “our type of” blogs.



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