Who Am I….Who Am I Becoming?

16 Aug

A few minutes ago, I had to update my profile on LinkedIn and it dawned on me that I’m getting accustomed to being labelled “a Writer”. Forgive my “modesty” or whatever you think it is, but I sometimes think it’s too early to add that to my repertoire of labels. I mean, it’s just one novel and a speedily growing collection of unpublished poems, stories and plays that I don’t even know when they will ever get published – I know they will but I don’t know when. 

It’s not like I’m being bamboozled with fanmail but I still think I’m a private person and I like it when I’m just “me”. So I had to stop right there. I mean, it wasn’t easy putting it in one sentence that I’m a writer, materials engineer and design engineer. And I love the three, I don’t want to leave out any. Still I felt pressured to take off that Avatar I’m so proud of and put my real picture, someone told me it’s more professional to replace the Avatar on my Smashwords account with a real picture. I mean, have you ever seen an Avatar behind any of Wole Soyinka’s books or even Eli Glasman, instead of the real picture? Even Sharon Abimbola Salu doesn’t use an Avatar on Smashwords and she too is an upcoming writer like me. You have no idea how much fun I get doing the fun thing. I know it sounds weird but I am an Engineer because I love it and same goes for my Avatar.

Well, I still have to say to myself that before I became any of these, I was human. Being human is the most honest thing I can be. So while I will tell you I’m proud of it all, I’ll also want you all to know that I’m still the guy who could shit on his pants whenever a dog comes too close and I still fart once in a while.

Baby Copy of Wole Soyinka Couresy of

Bottomline is “there’re truly somethings I’m changing as I’m growing, an example is the Avatar on my LinkedIn page but there’re also some things I don’t feel like changing yet and that’s the Avatar on my facebook page and on my Smashwords Page”. I’m hoping that sometime soon, Wole Soyinka will get an Avatar too and maybe get a low Caesar-styled haircut, it’s not a must that I should be the only one changing. Cheers!!


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4 responses to “Who Am I….Who Am I Becoming?

  1. Anonymous

    23/08/2014 at 5:11 am

    The avater is great anyways… How do i get one too 😉


  2. livelytwist

    17/08/2014 at 7:53 pm

    Funny photo of baby Soyinka! I think you gain more credibility when you use your real photo, and if it’s a nice one, more people want to check you out. In my case, I also feel a sense of responsibility because people I know that people know who I am!


    • Tito Tobi

      10/09/2014 at 1:19 pm

      LoL…@the Soyinka photo.
      Indeed, I think people have that attachment to a”real face”.Kinda makes you know it’s not a machine on the blog.I do feel it often too.



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