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The BIG Name Change Question

So my Mum and Dad came up with this strange topic:
They had noticed that an increasing number of newly-weds don’t either completely drop their maiden names or outrightly just don’t adopt the new husband’s name. And they were directly facing me with a question-what’s my view about it? Lemme say at this point that imma be getting married in a couple o’ months (or years), so anything I say or don’t say may be used against me on my wedding day!
As per Naija Boi that I am , I know this is a sensitive topic. So I’m standing on an egg without breaking it, if I can wriggle out of this safe.
But can a man really do anything much if you’ve married the love of your life and you eventually discovered she keeps her maiden name(maybe with your surname attached like a strange rat-tail) on her documents and even on her facebook profile.
My Mum thinks men are just being too docile,not willing to take responsibility and not putting their foot down enough.
My Dad thinks it’s also the fault of the men.
But one thing I like is that they both admitted, this issue wasn’t even a question to be asked in the days when they got married-the lady, as if on auto-pilot, changed her surname and she did it proudly.
I’m asking, will you really risk your wife’s happiness on a name-change issue and do you think men are to be blamed for a woman’s decision.
Remember, the long-standing family formular before you answer:
Happy Wife=Happy Life.

The Strange Rat-tail

The Strange Rat-tail

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A secret evening I had with President Obama in Lagos

So I’m inviting this beautiful girl I love, to go out with me on a date and I got to tell her that I own a blog. So she says,”you bloggers meet lots of celebs and you have gossips to share about them. Is there a particularly interesting one you’ve met?” (She must have spent a lot of time on Linda Ikeji’s Blog).I gave it a careful thought and decided to finally spill a story I swore to keep secret-a picture story about a man who secretly comes to Lagos, aka LasGidi only on friday nights. I initially chanced upon him at an Amala Joint near Mushin, but I couldn’t take a picture(because we were both cautious about bringing out our iPhone5s-iPhone5 had just been recently launched at the time and Mushin boys were really keen about changing their iPhone2). Anyway,I stalked him(as all bloggers do-there was this basically-crazy-dude called Ofili there too,he got bounced sha)and I got really close enough to take the pictures you are going to see next-I solemnly swear I’m up to no good:

17:00When I caught up with him at the Barber shop in Akoka.

17:00When I caught up with him at the Barber shop in Akoka.

17:59.After haircut,I stayed on his tail and followed him down to Havana NightClub in Adeola Odeku

17:59.After haircut,I stayed on his tail and followed him down to Havana NightClub in Adeola Odeku

OMG!I never suspected he would be quite popular here so I stayed in the shadows.

OMG!I never suspected he would be quite popular here so I stayed in the shadows.

In the VIP section helping himself to Iya Muri's chicken peppersoup.....guess what's next

In the VIP section helping himself to Iya Muri’s chicken peppersoup…..guess what’s next

He got himself some “Odeku”……..

and some Dogoyaro(Snoop calls it MaryJ)...Time was 10:53pm and DJ gave him the mic....

and some Dogoyaro(Snoop calls it MaryJ)…Time was 10:53pm and DJ gave him the mic….

At 01:30am, I took this shot but I never noticed the face when I did(I was also drowsy at the time).

At 01:30am, I took this shot but I never noticed the face when I did(I was also drowsy at the time).

Check this blog for new posts by Tito Tobi on Wednesdays or Saturdays. His books are available on

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Recipe for Good Living:Apple Smoothies and Love

Here’s a recipe I tried once(I was bored) and I will advice someone to try it,sweet and healthy and refreshing
2(or 3) Fresh Apples, chopped and blended
1 cup Milk
2 tablespoons Honey
4 Ice Cubes(if you are a Nigerian,use the whole block, you don’t have cubes).
I’m sharing it because I came across my Red Cross Health book and I read these about the ingredients I used:
Apples are rich in Iron and Phosphorus,so they’re highly beneficial in treatment and control of anaemia.I have also taken apples severally to cure unfavourable stomach actions(if you know what I mean,Kevin Hart in the Soul Plane knows what I mean).Apples also cure dental disorders and are beneficial to HighBloodPressure patients.
Honey treats whooping cough, induces sleep and is beneficial to insomniacs.It also builds haemoglobin and RBCs(also beneficial to anaemic people).Honey is also believed to aid virility(get yo’ grind on-hmmph) and hair growth by stimulating the follicles and oil glands beneath the skin.
Milk aids blood circulation(also good for anaemia patients), induces sleep(good for insomniacs) and helps in building bones,teeth and a good body mass.

At this time, when the black continent and the whole world is combating blood shortage and of course,diseases like Ebola, you can help yourself with just 350 Naira(2.25USD)and get specific fruits that replenish the blood.

Major love goes out to all who lost their loved ones on 9/11, 13 years ago.Honouring the mem’ries by posting this within the hour of the incidents.

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Who Am I….Who Am I Becoming?

A few minutes ago, I had to update my profile on LinkedIn and it dawned on me that I’m getting accustomed to being labelled “a Writer”. Forgive my “modesty” or whatever you think it is, but I sometimes think it’s too early to add that to my repertoire of labels. I mean, it’s just one novel and a speedily growing collection of unpublished poems, stories and plays that I don’t even know when they will ever get published – I know they will but I don’t know when. 

It’s not like I’m being bamboozled with fanmail but I still think I’m a private person and I like it when I’m just “me”. So I had to stop right there. I mean, it wasn’t easy putting it in one sentence that I’m a writer, materials engineer and design engineer. And I love the three, I don’t want to leave out any. Still I felt pressured to take off that Avatar I’m so proud of and put my real picture, someone told me it’s more professional to replace the Avatar on my Smashwords account with a real picture. I mean, have you ever seen an Avatar behind any of Wole Soyinka’s books or even Eli Glasman, instead of the real picture? Even Sharon Abimbola Salu doesn’t use an Avatar on Smashwords and she too is an upcoming writer like me. You have no idea how much fun I get doing the fun thing. I know it sounds weird but I am an Engineer because I love it and same goes for my Avatar.

Well, I still have to say to myself that before I became any of these, I was human. Being human is the most honest thing I can be. So while I will tell you I’m proud of it all, I’ll also want you all to know that I’m still the guy who could shit on his pants whenever a dog comes too close and I still fart once in a while.

Baby Copy of Wole Soyinka Couresy of

Bottomline is “there’re truly somethings I’m changing as I’m growing, an example is the Avatar on my LinkedIn page but there’re also some things I don’t feel like changing yet and that’s the Avatar on my facebook page and on my Smashwords Page”. I’m hoping that sometime soon, Wole Soyinka will get an Avatar too and maybe get a low Caesar-styled haircut, it’s not a must that I should be the only one changing. Cheers!!


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A Nigerian Robotics Whiz….Again!

Really, I wish I could get all “tech-ed up” in my language about this video.

But I can’t. I’m proud to just show you this robotics project by a close friend of mine who resides and is carrying out his robotics research in the Ahmadu Bello University in the violence prone city of Zaria in Northern Nigeria. His name is Iorpenda Msuega Jnr. He’s another bright example of the sterling intelligence of Nigerian youths who show innovativeness despite the odds stacked up against them – you’ll notice the materials used are cheaply sourced and fabricated with bare hands.

Iorpenda’s robotics work is partly powered by the zeal to use robots in search-and-rescue missions during armed conflicts with non-state actors like terrorists and kidnappers. This is quite common where we reside. For this reason, and in the spirit of friendship, I’m giving his innovations a voice on my blog, hoping you will join hands and give this brilliant robot an opportunity to help #BringBackOurGirls



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Satan is Black, Jesus is Yellow and other lies we tell in Church

Disclaimer: You probably opened this thinking it was another discussion on race issues. Sorry to disappoint you but try and have a chat with Donald Sterling (I heard he’s asked Black Jesus to forgive him).

How I think he must have looked like in that black church

But if this still sounds like a racism dialogue, maybe racism isn’t a good thing, then.



I often volunteer as a children’s teacher in church

Because I love kids, they are the clearest mirrors of a society’s tendencies

Then I’m teaching the kids a song.

I noticed, a little boy singing:

I love Jesus he’s my friend (he hugs a very fair skinned girl beside him)

So I change the song, then he goes:

I hate Satan; he’s my enemy (he pushes a dark-skinned boy sitting in front of him)

I’m appalled but I’ve learnt to be careful when challenging conventions

Especially in church.

I’m a volunteer, the real teacher is Mummy T.

As carefully as possible, I ask the boy?

Why do you think Satan is black?

He’s in hell fire and he’s burning. (I guess that was careful enough).

For people like us, Nigeria must be hell fire, being almost directly under the sun and making us black. I told him.

Then he seemed to notice he was also black (at least compared to the girl beside him). The other kids start laughing. Mummy T doesn’t like my conversation (I guess you know why).

I ask the kids to open Revelation chapter one verse fifteen.

The first person to tell me Jesus’ complexion (at least the feet and eyes give a hint) from that verse will get a fifty naira biscuit (a lie – the biscuit is forty naira and Mummy T knows). She shakes her head.

Tayo gets the answer; fine brass is like deep brown almost going red. Not totally black but closer to black than yellow or white.

One brilliant girl just shouts, Jesus is like my mummy’s colour.

Mummy T brings out a book with a Jesus painting and tells me the kids read it.

I understand, I used the same book years ago.

What of Satan’s colour?

I really told the kids I didn’t know (a little honesty makes a child trust you). But I added that paintings say he is black but nobody has seen him physically.

The kids understand. I’m the hero of the day.

Everybody is happy with the new knowledge.

Only Mummy T is concerned. She knows I have heard that she told the teenagers class that gays and lesbians are animalistic (or let’s just say behave like animals).

But hey, all lies told in the church, stays in the church…..



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RnB star Ciara took to her
website to express her thoughts
and feelings towards bloggers
for the stories they’ve been
floating about her. read below:

What Is Social Media Coming To?
I used to sometimes like visiting
some of the blog sites to see
what new things are happening
in the world! Things like cool
photos, current events, etc. But
nowadays it seems like there’s a
competition with sites on “Who
Can Tear Someone Down the
The stories are going from cool
and creative to pure drama. Even
the comment sections are
beginning to get out of control
and people are using the
platforms to exercise a false
sense of power.
People sure do have a lot of
courage when they are
anonymous. It’s like a “Who Can
Say the Nastiest Comment Game.”
I click onto some of the
comments from something as
fun as an Instagram post that
you’re sharing with your fans,
and a person finds a way to turn
a positive post into a negative. I
think to myself, “I could pick this
person apart so bad but what
for? Why act ugly like them?” It
honestly takes the fun out of it
when people seem so miserable.
Or at least that’s how I view
someone wasting their energy to
tear someone down, just plain
miserable. They could be using
that to do something much more
productive. If only they could
channel their energy towards
positivity, it could make a
difference in their own life as
well as influence others.
It’s kind of scary for the kids
coming up, because even if a
parent doesn’t allow their kids to
have blog site access at home,
they may still have access at
school or other places. It’s now
almost impossible to protect your
kids from the vile things people
say on blog sites today, and it’s
even worse when kids hear
hurtful things about themselves,
their parents or other family
members. In some cases kids
have even resorted to suicide
due to “cyber-bullying .”
My questions to people creating
slander about people are:
What stops you from thinking
twice about trying to defame
someone? What are you trying to
Words are powerful. You could
say the wrong thing about
someone, famous or not, on the
wrong day and that could cost
them their life because they’re at
a weak point. Believe it it or not,
you could also be encouraging
them to give up on their life or
whatever the situation is, when
they shouldn’t. Or what about a
story that causes unnecessary
drama stemming from
completely false information? It’s
just flat out wrong and sad. I say
to myself, I thank God for making
me strong, because I’ve always
been able to use the negativity as
motivation, and it makes me
But I don’t just think about
myself in this, I think about
others that I see getting
thrashed and think it’s just so
wrong. It’s very sad that people
just want to tear people down so
bad just to see them unhappy.
It’s unbelievable how far people
are willing to go to get people to
come to their site.
I say this to say….
Dear Blogger, It’s never worth it
in the end when you sell your
soul for a quick dollar, by
creating bad stories about
people. At some point, it will all
reverse on you and you’ll end up
regretting all the trash you wrote
or said about people.
The universal friend “Karma” has
demonstrated this over and over
again. I strongly encourage you
to project more positivity into
the universe. If Social Media is a
world that’s growing more
massive by the day, why not use
it to shed light?? Otherwise, you
are merely contaminating our
What about your family and
kids?? Do you think about
them?? You’re definitely creating
a harmful and volatile
environment where they must
learn to live. It’s almost like you
are cursing future generations
with your bad energy.
Not to mention…Your “Personal
Karma”??… Forget about it!
You better start doing some
serious praying and rebuking,
cause only The Lord knows!…
I sure do miss the good ol days
when the focus was about the
pure creativity of being an artist.
Back then there was still some
mystery. Social Media Is
Beginning To Take Away The
Specialness of What That Was,
and Is.
Now, Off Blogs. Peaceful Mind.
Living In My Happiness. Creativity
Love, C


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