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The Protesting Protestant Churches of Nigeria


Now some weeks ago, a friend pointed out a church to me. That church is owned by Brother Titus (not real name).

Which Brother Titus?

The Brother Titus that was the former deliverance minister of Fire Mountain Gospel Church.

I’m sorry I don’t know the Fire Mountain Gospel Church personally but I’ve heard of it and the great miracles that happen there. I’ve also heard about its founder and how he started the church.

Now, here’s what I heard about the founder and presiding Pastor of Fire Mountain Gospel Church. I heard he was a young graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic and he fellowshipped with Mountain of Prayer and Deliverance Ministries as a student. His spiritual gifts were legendary as a vibrant young man and so the General Superintendent of MPDM took him under his wings for mentorship and tutelage. After 5 years of Pastoral tutelage, he gathered some of his colleagues and told them the Lord was calling him to ‘come out of his Father’s house’. With their encouragement, he told the General Overseer of his calling. The Man insisted he needed more training. He wouldn’t have any of it but a rich member of the church who can testify of his spiritual gifts decided to help him sponsor his ministry.

After an initial largesse of 2million naira was given to him, he secured land and equipments and materials to start his church. His financier was always on hand to give more. To make the services livelier and attract youths, he got a band and lots of youths from the G.O’s church, MPDM (where drumming is forbidden) relocated to his church, FMGC. They pay their offerings and tithes faithfully during every service though they haven’t gotten a job after getting their tertiary education. Things were going well; he only needed to recruit a firebrand deliverance minister with the same level of gifts he possessed because being a Pastor now and a church founder made him more engaged with external relations, conferences and such meetings. He first recruited Brother Demas who left after two months with some members to start his own ministry just two blocks down the road from the headquarters of MPDM. It was a strategic decision and a strategic location. Then Brother Philetus who also left after 7 months because he was due to be promoted to ‘the next level in the ministry’ but wasn’t. He also later started his own church with some other members who felt similarly cheated in the promotion and management of FMGC. Then Brother Titus came along, very humble and little flair for extraordinary displays of miracle and power but he could pray fiery prayers. He was also a University graduate searching for employment. By now, FMGC was already a massive church in Nigeria due to the unflinching largesse of its relentless financier who has also invited other rich friends who have also testified of the miracles in FMGC and how their businesses boomed since they joined.

One of the new rich men noticed Brother Titus and took him shopping once and 3 days later while Brother Titus was wearing his new Gucci suit on the pulpit he noticed a lady called Rita. She just joined FMGC, he wanted to marry her after a couple of months of dating. The problem is that Rita hasn’t been baptised and the G.O. refused to conduct the wedding. Brother Titus confides in Rita and they both leave the church. Brother Titus’ rich friend hears of it and donates money to the couple. They start their own church and name it Fire beyond Fire Mountain Gospel Church. In a few months, the church has grown from its initial membership of just 2 to 102, because people have heard that the Brother Titus has been so blessed by God such that he has never worked as an employee of anybody yet God has blessed him and he can wear Prada and Gucci, whenever he wants.

That’s the same thing my friend told me when he pointed it out to me. I told him, the devil wears Prada too.

Then I ask, all these new churches springing up like fungi at every street corner in Nigeria, are they all still part of the protestant movement?

I thought that ended a long time ago, so why all the protesting? Old habits do die hard. Anyway, I’m not against founding of churches but I think limits are good in every sane society and if Nigerians are really faithful to Christian teachings, their suffering from large scale corruption should have ended long ago. Several of FMGC’s big spenders were recently alleged to be members of a political cabal that sold crude oil to bunkering vessels of the coast and imported electricity generators at $50 unit cost and sold them for $250 per unit to citizens whose monthly earnings are just about $120 (that’s about the new IMPROVED minimum wage for the Nigerian worker).

Also, has anybody noticed that the new churches are founded by young graduates whose degrees would have found better use if there was employment? Anyway, mine is just an observation but I wonder when all the fake hungry protesting will stop and give way to REAL PROTESTS AGAINST CORRUPTION IN HIGH PLACES.

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I have been asking myself, does Africa need help? Every year aids, loans and subventions are received by African governments from the USA, World Bank and Europe but we receive news of corruption and massive money laundering schemes by African leaders. So I decided to engage the readers of my blog in this question. In 2004, Human
Rights Watch exposed the
government of Equitorial Guinea’s lavish spending
habits. Here is a country of just about 500000 people and is the 4th largest producer of Oil in Africa. The country has a high per capita income but its citizens live on so little because the country’s wealth is embezzled by its 35 year ruler and his son, the vice president. The US benefits from this country massively because the US is the largest importer of crude from Equitorial Guinea but the US has never deemed it fit to point out the crimes committed by the country’s leadership. Rather, the western governments allow these corrupt officials to use their banks for laundering huge amounts and then they give back a percentage as loans and aids. I think non-African citizens should speak against the use of their paid taxes to swell the coffers of African presidents. Why do you think African presidents want to remain in power for extended periods of time? The monetary gain.
Nigeria, for instance has the highest paid MPs in the world yet about 70 percent of its population has no access to electricity for almost 10 hours of every day. A typical Nigerian senator is paid almost twice as much as the US president yet unemployment rate among youths is as high as 60 percent. The Central Bank of Nigeria alleges that about 25 percent of the countries income caters for the MPs alone and that includes all the loans and aids constantly given to this country. The health sector is so backward that Nigeria accounts for over 90 percent of polio cases in the world. Money embezzled in Nigeria between2012 to 2013 alone amounts to almost 2trillion dollars. The country is the largest oil producer in Africa. Yet, the tax payers of Europe and America watch as their governments send their money off to Africa where it will be looted to private pockets.

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